Soldier Boys

Spencer Morgan and Dieter Hederick are on opposite sides of the war and fighting for the same thing.


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    This historical fiction novel features two 16 year-old boys from to opposite sides of the world. Spencer Morgan(Spence) from Brigham City, Utah enters the army as a paratrooper hoping to take part in the war. On the other hand, Dietrich Hedrick(Dieter) from Germany enters the German army to play a part in this war. Both boys go through months of dreadful training in all sorts of weather revealing unwanting temperatures. Both boys enter into World War II thinking it won't be so bad and that they won't get scared either. But man, were they wrong. Spence and Dieter, as they go on through the war, all around them are soldiers dying. They always ask themselves if they will ever have to go through with the pain and death that these soldiers beside them are suffering through. As they continue through the war they eventually meet up in the Battle of the Bulge. The Americans and the Germans battle it out, but the Americans kill several German and wound others, which forces the Germans to retreat. Dieter lays wounded on the side of the hill that night, because he was wounded to a stage where he couldn't move. So Spence decides to risk his own life to try and help save the boy's life. While he's bringing Dieter up the hill German soldiers shoot Spence for Dieter's protection. But what happens to Spence and does Dieter's wound kill him? I guess you'll just have to read the book yourself to find out the answer.

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