Soldier Boys

Spencer Morgan and Dieter Hederick are on opposite sides of the war and fighting for the same thing.

    Spencer's Friend(s)

    Dean Hughes

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    Spencer's Friend(s)

    Post  Dean Hughes on Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:00 pm

    Ted Draney-

    Is Spence's partner in the U.S. military, he too is a paratrooper in training. Together they go through training which gets them into the war.

    Example of Friendship:

    1.Spence and Ted help each other make it through training camp.

    2.Spencer relized that his toes were freezing, and tried to get his boot off without Ted noticing, but it didn't work. He looked over and told Spencer to put his foot in his jacket to warm them. After Spencer's feet where warmed up Ted did the same thing with Spencer.

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